Queen Sheba, Wikise forces closure of church


United Kingdom based Malawian artist, Queen Sheba, and her counterpart Wikise have forced closure of a catholic church at Lirangwe in Blantyre.

According to the church authorities, the place of worship has been temporarily closed following grimy scenes which were shot by the two artists in the name of a music video for Chiwanda.

Archdiocese of Blantyre Vicar General Father Boniface Tamani was quoted as telling a local newspaper that a church is a sacred place, thus it’s standards are not supposed to be undermined in such a way.

“To us, a church is a blessed place and sanctified place. The church is a place where God meets his people and God has his own standards to have the church reduced to that level is an act of sacrilege,” said Tamani.

Sheba and Wikise shot the video for Chiwanda, a song which talks about the need for God’s intervention in a person who is obsessed with obscenity.

Meanwhile, the UK based female artist has apologized for the act. This is against what Wikise mostly claims to be a misinterpretation of art.

In the video, Sheba is seen portraying the obscene woman and Wikise whose real name is Frank Chawinga, playing the role of the clergyman entrusted with the role of exorcising the possessed woman.