Man donates to Malawi Police a week after he was arrested


A man who was arrested last week for allegedly threatening police officers in Mulanje, yesterday made a donation to the police station where he was held.

Patrick Kamkwamba was arrested on Monday last week at Mulanje Police Station and he noted that the officers were struggling to take a statement from him due to lack of stationery.

“When everything was done I thought of coming in to help. So yesterday I donated 10 reams of paper, a box of pens and a package of carbon papers.

“Nthawi Zina ubale umayamba munjira zovutirapo koma ndiubale basi (Sometimes we build relationships in an unusual circumstances). A police ndi abale athu (Police officers are our friends) let’s support and motivate them,” said Kamkwamba in a now viral Facebook post.

Kamkwamba, 45, was arrested last week and charged with intimidation contrary to section 88 of the Penal Code for threatening police officers.

Public Relations Officer for Mulanje Police Station Sub-Inspector Gresham Ngwira said traffic officers in the district led by Assistant Superintendent Vincent Kachitsa were enforcing road safety regulations near the police station.

At around noon, Kamkwamba arrived driving an unregistered BMW vehicle going towards Blantyre. The officers stopped him and told him that he had committed an offence for using unregistered motor vehicle.

Kamkwamba just disembarked from the vehicle and proceeded with his journey leaving the vehicle behind which was later taken to Mulanje Police Station by another officer, a driver.

“After sometime, Kamkwamba came back and when the officers tried to reason with him about the offence, he became violent and threatened that if the officers dared impound his vehicle again next time, he would hit them especially Assistant Superintendent Kachitsa who is in-charge of traffic in the district. This moved the officers to arrest Kamkwamba,” Ngwira said.

Malawians on social media have since commended Kamkwamba over the donation, saying  he has shown that he is patriotic.