More Gas selling points expected to open


Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) says many people have joined the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) retail business and more selling points are expected to be opened in various parts of the country.

MERA Publicist Fitina Khonje told journalists on Saturday that currently there are three importers and only 35 LPG retail outlets in the whole country. She added that 70 percent of consumption is domestic users while 30 percent is industrial.

According to Khonje, MERA has reduced prices of licensing for selling points which involves transportation, storage, retailing, wholesaling and other processes and this has prompted a lot of people to join the business.

“Our goal is to make sure that gas reaches to everyone regardless of where the person stays. We want to encourage many people into the business and we know that by doing so the issue of long distances will be sorted. Another good news is that Gas prices have been stable over the years,” she said.

When asked if gas can address environmental challenges, she said that it is modern and environmental friendly energy source and can be used in a wide range of application.

The Publicist however complained that although there is improvement on the ground, misconceptions regarding gas remain a big challenge and there is more to be done to ensure that people are aware of gas.

Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) is responsible for regulating liquid fuel and gas which includes Petrol, Diesel and Paraffin.