ICTAM commends NBM for digital inclusion efforts


The ICT Association of Malawi (ICTAM) has commended National Bank of Malawi for its efforts in leading the digital inclusion of financial services in the country.

ICTAM President Bram Fudzulani disclosed this during a dinner hosted by NBM, where the bank engaged various stakeholders to seek feedback on their digital coverage and performance and also update them on their continued efforts to improve their efforts.

“National Bank of Malawi is doing well as far as digital financial inclusion is concerned. We have witnessed the bank bringing together various stakeholders to discuss digital solutions offered by the bank and how we can all work together to promote digital inclusion, this will contribute towards the government’s program of mass digital literacy,” said Fudzulani.

Fudzulani added that National Bank of Malawi’s efforts will tap into the majority of Malawians that are unaware of the available digital services in the country. He also said the engagement programs initiated by NBM Plc combined with cyber security literacy will ensure that Malawians are aware of the basic safety measures surrounding these digital services.

The bank’s Head of Digital Financial Services, William Kaunda, has assured Malawians that the bank in its capacity has put in place various innovative digital products that are available for all and these digital products have security features to ensure that the customers access quality services without hiccups.

“National Bank of Malawi is making sure that we provide customized services that are focused on the needs of our customers. We have put in place a number of digital products to make our services accessible digitally to all our customers in all sectors and we have as well put in place strong security measures to ensure the safety of our customers in accessing these services,” said Kaunda.

He added that the bank is piloting the Mo Pay digital platform that will enable people to transact using their mobile devices by scanning Quick Response (QR) Codes to send and receive payments.

Over the past few months, National Bank of Malawi embarked on a campaign aimed at sensitizing its various stakeholders on the digital financial solutions offered by the bank. On March, 18th, 2022 the bank engaged members of the Vendors Association of Malawi and Minibus Association of Malawi in Blantyre to visit the bank to interact with the staff and learn more about NBM Plc.