MP wants Govt to construct a secondary school in his constituency


Member of Parliament for Ntcheu Bwanje South Mwisho Alexander Chilikumtima has pleaded with the Ministry of Education to construct a secondary school in his area saying a lot of children are failing to access secondary education because the other secondary schools are over 15 kilometres away and it is difficult for students to reach such areas.

Chilikumtima said in an interview that there is a proposal  have a newly constructed secondary school in his constituency at Tambala and people are still waiting.

“Last year, when asked about when they are going to construct Tambala Secondary school, the Minister announced in the chamber that by 22 September 2021 the contractors would be on the ground.

“To my surprise up to date there is nothing moving. In fact, officials from the Ministry of Education have been coming several times to inspect the land for example to see the place if there is no problem like land wrangles but they discovered that there are no land wrangles and they said ok we are going to start the construction as soon as possible and that was last year in December but up to now there is nothing on the ground,” said Chilikumtima.

He also noted that the delay in constructing the school has affected children in his constituency because they travel almost 15 to 20 kilometres to go to a secondary school and very few people can manage to travel such long distances.

He then pleaded with Ministry of Education to speed up the process so that the construction of the secondary school in Ntcheu Bwanje South can start as soon as possible.