What would be Bingu’s advice today to some of DPP’s overzealous young leaders


Young men, since my departure, I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that established and propelled you to success in politics, and you are unto another strange gospel

What are you, that having begun well in the spirit of the learned doctors of economics and law respectively, ye are now made perfect to think that you yourself, are the rightful successor?

O poor young men, who hath bewitched you, that ye should even fail to know the truth and measure up yourself honestly?

I was wondering that, all of a sudden, you became so so keen for more education. You hoped from one college to another — those colleges housed in abandoned old Asian red-starred shops, scavenging for papers, without even any sense of shame. You were purporting for the highest office in the land, and ye think are so qualified?

Young men, you met the Professor of Law in the days of his success, and when he was so kind and generous in giving ministerial positions like largesse to people, who he well knew, their education is in their callous loyalty, and savagery politicking, and brutality.

I know, after the fall of the Professor, you later started to burn in desire to succeed him one day. You have forgotten all that love he shewn to you, and now you’ve grown serpent lying in the woods breeding venom, to pounce on everyone standing in your path.

But ye commenced so earnestly, and no one in the party, knew that, one day, you would be on this path of betrayal. Indeed, like William Shakespeare wrote, “there is no art to find the construction of the mind on the face”.

We can believe that the party has been watching you the past few years, but perceive no substance in the reports of your disposition. It is almost your accustomed action with you to exude a disdainingly shallow approach to issues of national importance, even in the Parliament.

I must say, I admire your spirit of courage and hard work, but I am sorry to say that the strong principles on which founded the DPP won’t allow any shallow mind such as that you display in most of the places you go.

Granted, you are the hard worker that every party would want to have in its fold. And we all know that you have already done and sacrificed a lot for the party. And many young men admire what you have achieved at your age. But, being hardworking doesn’t mean you should covet at everything that comes in your way.

Yes, you are a fighter and politically cunning in your own right, and well approved in character: full of milk of human kindness. Yet, your bosom seems stuffed with perilous egos, that have potential not only to destroy yourself.

But before it’s too late, you many consider hanging your banners of ambitions on the outward walls, so that nobody should laugh to scorn you.

But, if you will be found persisting, some well-wishers, I guess, I will send a great famine to eat your egos up: they will shave your little scattered beards and scrape the skins of your skull to invite an immature baldness on that head so that it stops taming a shameful ego. All that for your own goodness.

Sometimes, the enormity of one’s emptiness is measured by not knowing oneself, and in being too ambitious for offices, you can’t fit in.

But it seems, in the first place, you don’t know yourself. And that is pathetic. For you, even the devil himself, cannot pronounce a level of ambition more hateful and miserable than yours.

The multiplying villains of nature are swarming upon you, and soon, your ecstasies to grapple power, won’t be stopped.

Young men, you have a vaulting ambition which overleaps itself and that might later fall on yourself. An ambition that smokes a fiendish will to power. There is just too much haste to power in your eyes.

Lest, you will say you were not loved. Continuing in this course, you will live to be the show and gaze of time – a shameful spectacle. You will be painted and tossed upon a pole like a frog frying on a fisherman’s unlucky hook.

And you are so swift and unsure of purpose, infatuated with a false self-belief and confidence. You have little wisdom that doth guide your valour, except, being intoxicated with the success you have made in the past years. But this was only a malevolent of fortune, and you just have to be grateful for all the things that have happened to you.

By wanting more, and forgetting the powers that helped you reach where you are now, you rebuke your own success.

You have been trafficking a selfish propaganda, portending and positioning yourself as an apparent successor.

There is a lot of impatience so predominant in thy nature. You come to them with false lips, pretending to be jovial, humble and innocent, yet there are daggers on your lips.

And come the party’s convention, some people you hoodwink, may even rally behind you and lead you to a false victory.

But if you are really harboring any thought to appear on the presidential ballots of the noble party that is the DPP, then that will obviously be a nightmare.

There are times that a man need to have a conversation with the innerself than running to the law and standing orders or the masses for protection.

I thought you will be the first one to recognise and appreciate the presence of fresh, young, polished brilliants minds in the party, with real PhDs, and have already served their country in various highest positions in government’s institutions, and have the requirements and experience that would help to continue the dream that I had for Malawi. I really believed you will be the first one to support such new minds in the party, yet you’ve decided to become an unnecessary barrier of my dreams.

Now, because it seems, you are on course to self-perdition, and you don’t seem to listen anymore, at this point, it would be good to stop you. We will need to make some concoction to purge and exorcise the demons in you. Yes, that same concoction you find in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Just in case, you will be interested to know the ingredients of that concoction and the process that will be followed to brew that exorcising stuff, then here you are:

We are going to make a big fire. We will put a cauldron, with water and let it boil and bubble.

First, will put in it, a fillet of a fenny snake, a toe of a frog, wool of bat, and tongue of dog. Add to it an adder’s fork, nose of turk, a lizard’s leg for a charm of powerful trouble.

We will let the cauldron boil and bubble, and add also, a scale of dragon, tooth of wolf, gall of goat, and finally let the cauldron boil and bubble, make the gruel thick and slab and lastly cool it with baboons’ blood.

Then, after it is fully brewn, will take a full cup of the concoction and force it on your treacherous lips.

This is out of love so that you be purged of your libidinous ambition.

I suffer you, young men, lest ye will be persecuted by your own choices.

But who doesn’t know the fact that you have been loving the party so fervently? We know, it’s only the demons causing you to be mad at power.

But now don’t worry. For, we are going to minister to you so that you get fully cleansed of your malevolent ambition. Now come and sit here young men, so that we lay our hands on your estranged minds.

“Come you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, purge the direst desires in the young men, cleanse him, and give them the access to remorse…”