Malawians were betrayed


This blind youthful generation must understand that there are three catastrophic injuries which devil incessantly causes to humanity in this decadent world. These evils are emphatically mentioned by unadulterated mouth of Jesus the only true son of omnipotent God born of virgin Mary (Theotokos).

In His infallible oracles Jesus is quoted by apostle John, the beloved disciple, on chapter 10 verse 10 where he truthfully says, ” thief comes, but to kill, steal and destroy.” If you are an avid Bible student you might concur with me that this is, without an iota of doubt, the trinity of the devil. Devil is not self-existent one but he disguises himself to be an angel of light so that he can effortlessly deceive the fools and myopic.

Reading the aforementioned chapter heartedly you will find out that devil is a triune being. The killer, stealer and destroyer. This is exactly what his faithful servants do when given mantle of power to rule. The Power to rule should not be used to one’s glory but as an emblem of God’s presence.

Today’s political leaders, if I borrow a leaf from Joshua Maponga the leader of farmers thoughts and pan-African, in our demon-crazy (democracy) society imitate everything the devil does because he fathered them spiritually, intellectually, politically and economically. This dark spirited fallen angel is no respecter of human suffering in this sick world. Lest we forget the devil in his essence is spirit. He needs a flesh he can use to fulfil his hellish trigonous mission of killing, stealing and destroying.

His incarnates are identified by his ruinous character. They kill to silence the mouth that has voice against their unrighteous deeds. They steal what would be used to bail the poor, disabled, marginalized, orphaned, oppressed, tyrannized and downtrodden out of their barren situation. They come in simplicity and speak with such soothing and calming voice like angel Gabriel to Mary with a promise of changing things for our betterment but when given chance they invariably change their tongues and colors like a chameleon in the green bush. In the twinkling of an eye, especially in the election’s aftermaths period, like Tybalt in famous play of Romeo and Juliet, they disappear from our face and become untraceable and untouchable. They go to town to inflate their bellies with our hard-earned taxes.

These termites tear apart every system and root of justice, accountability and transparency until you cannot trace how they used Constituency Development Fund.

These are the same people who give fat zakat, offerings and tithes in churches and mosques on Sundays and Fridays. During campaign period they stand on the podium with promising face wooing the hapless and hungry voter by preaching desired change, making gratifying promises with flattering tongue but their root of bitterness is incurable.

They mastered an art of deception, bribery and corruption. It is high time we started playing our cards wisely as electorates. Not everyone who hollers change! Change! Change! is a game changer.

They kill the future of young educated generations by depriving them white collar jobs. They instead create job opportunities for their immediate family members and cronies. Graduate from disadvantaged background will have his degree he obtained from recognized higher learning institution rotting in his hands while hopelessly hunting for the jobs.

They steal our taxes which were expected to pay back the chronic debts this country has to Word Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF). They lick the little money that would be used to pay tuition fees to needy students in public universities. The elders and children are dying in hospitals because hospitals are running of drugs. They destroy their potentials and abilities when you make them lose the learning opportunity.

I know it is difficult task to liberate happy slave but we must not fail to remember the excruciating pain we have suffered since Malawi got her independence from colonial masters who subjected our forefathers to various forms of abuse, torture, exploitation and dehumanization. Politicians are liars. Today we are reaping what we sowed on 23 June, 2023. The unprecedented rising cost of living, scarcity of job opportunities is topnotch and the few available opportunities fly to the ruling party diehards, handclappers and boot lickers.

We have witnessed gross poor management of AIP which benefits few and farmers of the same region and tribe. In this era, the Asians who steal from us cannot be locked behind the bars because of their skin color superiority. They own us together with our unborn children, our land, economy and our political system is euro-centric.

I am not extolling the Europeans but corruption in western countries, for example Norway, is not worse if we juxtapose it to Africa. When it comes to the fight against corruption and impunity we are punching below weight. Corruption is winning and politicians become ultra-rich in an overnight. This is not Malawi we wanted!!!

By Westom Jaguar Bika – Concerned Citizen.