Catholic Church wishes Malawi Muslims fruitful Ramadan


The Catholic Church has sent best wishes for a fruitful and peaceful Ramadan to all Muslims in Malawi.

Bishop Montfort Stima of the Mangochi Diocese sent a message of best wishes to Muslims who have started observing Ramadan today.

In a statement dated April 1, Stima said this is the best time for believers to turn to God for His Providence and show fraternal solidarity in times of crisis.

“We, Christians and Muslims, are called to be bearers of hope, for the present life and for the life to come, and to be witnesses, restorers, and builders of this hope, especially in those experiencing difficulties and despair,” said Stima.

He also expressed hope that this Ramadan will be a month rich in divine blessing and spiritual advancement for Muslims as they lead a life of self-correction through fasting, prayer, almsgiving and other devotions.

Ramadan is a month of fasting and abstaining from things considered to be impure for the mind and body. Those partaking in Ramadan abstain from food, drink and impure thoughts between the hours of sunrise (FAJR) and sunset, allowing them instead to focus on prayer and connecting with Allah (SWT).

The act of fasting allows the individual to understand the pain and suffering of millions around the world who live their lives in poverty and famine, leaving the participant feeling more grounded and grateful for all that Allah (SWT) has given them.

At the close of the month, Zakat donations during Ramadan are made and then Eid al-Fitr is celebrated with loved ones. Eid is a great time of feasting and celebration for Muslims, with gifts exchanged between loved ones.