MERA’s jerry can ban angers fishermen


Fishermen in Nkhotakota have expressed anger after being barred from buying fuel in jerry cans.

Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has reportedly barred filling stations from selling fuel to customers using Jerry cans.

Yesterday, fishermen in Nkhotakota stormed the district council offices to express their concerns over the ban, saying they are not being allowed to buy fuel for their boats.

They argued that they cannot take their boats to filling stations.

Acting director of planning at the council Alick Munthali has since advised the fishermen to put their concerns in writing and the council will forward the letter to Malawi.

The reported ban on jerry cans comes as MERA is expected to hike price of fuel.

Some Malawians on social media have since questioned MERA’s decision to ban jerry cans.

“Would MERA kindly advise us on how we can refuel stationary engines that run on petrol and/or diesel. I don’t understand their ban on the use of jerrycan to buy fuel,” one person said.

Another said: “I have been reading about this MERA decree banning use of Jerry cans. Like really??? Does our MERA know there are purpose built Jerry cans for carrying fuel? Do they know fuel is not only used on vehicles? Do we take time to understand implications of directives?”