Kadadzera transferred to Nkhatabay Police


Assistant Commissioner James Kadadzera has been replaced as National Police spokesperson and he has been transferred from Malawi Police headquarters in Lilongwe to Nkhatabay Police.

In Nkhatabay, Kadadzera will be working as Officer-In-Charge for Nkhatabay Police Station.

Inspector General of Police, Dr. George Kainja, said the change will benefit Kadadzera’s career growth in the Malawi Police Service.

“He is moving to be Officer in Charge, Nkhatabay, to prepare him for police operations and future leadership in police operations and administration,” Kainja told the local media.

Meanwhile, Senior Superintendent Peter Kalaya has replaced James Kadadzera as new National Police spokesperson.

Before the new role, Kalaya was the Deputy National Police spokesperson. The new deputy is Inspector Harry Namwaza who was the Central East Region spokesperson.