Sean Focus returns with “Bla Bla” featuring Dizzy VC


By Roy Kafoteka

Zimbabwe-born Edinburgh based artist Sean Focus has created a fresh new track with London based Afrobeats artist Dizzy VC, with their new release titled “Bla Bla”.

Kondwani Mapemba, popularly known by his stage name, Sean Focus is a Zimbabwean, Edinburgh based artist, sound engineer and producer.

He popularly made his name in the Malawian music industry as a member of the former rap group, Team Gypsy, made up of three producers and two songwriters.

The members included; Sean Focus, Bagpac, Yesaya, BoiMagic and Ms Gypsy, led by co-founder Theo Thomson.

He went on to release songs such as “Nono” featuring Metamore, “Malizz Me”, “Just You and Me”, “Till I’m Gone” featuring Trappa & David Rock, and collaborated with other well-known acts like Theo Thomson, Rina, Tay Grin and AyCee, before having to move to the UK for touring, where he then became an independent artist and started to release his own music under his start up label Imvaize.

Fast forward a few years, the Scotland based rapper has since been making some serious grime on the UK rap scene getting his name known.

The song “Bla Bla” came from the fact Sean Focus doesn’t like bragging; he says: “I don’t have no Gucci or Prada so it’s more of owning up to who you really are. Whereas Dizzy on the other hand has Gucci & Prada so it’s like yin and yang”.

“This track came about while I was in London. I made a beat and sent it to Dizzy. I’ve been looking for a way to connect our sounds over the years. I wouldn’t say it was inspiration, it was more like a joint creation. I started humming, Dizzy put one word, it grew from there,” Sean explained.

He added: “Bla Bla we hope reminds people of bouncy music you can feel. We see big things for this track”.

Sean Focus continues to be heavily supported by BBC 1Xtra, Apple Music Radio, Capital Xtra and BBC Introducing with tastemakers DJ Target, Kenny Allstar and Charlie Sloth supporting all his releases.