Chitipa South MP asks for construction of Rumphi-Nyika-Chitipa Road


Member of Parliament for Chitipa South Werani Chilenga has asked leadership of Tonse Alliance to immediately start construction of Rumphi-Nyika-Chitipa Road instead of using the road as a tool for politics.

Four days ago , people from Rumphi and Chitipa held demonstrations demanding the Construction of the same road.

In an interview with Malawi24 ,after presenting the petition in the August house on Thursday, Chilenga said that politicians have been using the road as a tool for politics forgetting the importance of the road as such they will not allow that to happen again.

He added that they are waiting for the commencement of the road by 22 July because the road is in bad state making it to become impassable more especially during rainy season.

“This road has been used as a campaign tool by all the governments that have been there, but this time around we will not allow anyone to go there and use it for campaign reasons”,

“Deputy minister of transport has assured the house that they have already procured a contractor so we hope that come July the construction will be underway , and it looks promising although they are currently failing to maintain the road so that it can be passable during the rainy season,” he explained.

Protesters who demonstrated on the same in Lilongwe
after presenting the petition said they are concerned that government has failed to upgrade the road for years which is important in areas such as agriculture, tourism and health.

In Rumphi, concerned citizens also held protests over the same road, saying they are tired of promises and want government to start construction works for the road as soon as possible.

The 272 kilometre road connects Rumphi and Chitipa and passes through Nyika National Park, one of the notable tourist attractions in the country.


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  1. Show the tonse alliance that we are concerned as citizens who are ever contributing to the budget of the country by paying tax but the government is not giving back to us as it’s citizens

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