CDEDI expects Chakwera to resign in June


Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) says it expects President Lazarus Chakwera to honour the promise he made that he would resign if he failed to fix the country within two years of his presidency.

CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa said that Chakwera should be aware that he is remaining with two months to fulfill his promise to resign.

During the campaign for presidential election, Chakwera – who was sworn in as president on 28 June, 2020 – promised to change Malawi within two years and vowed to resign if he failed to do so.

“Within 2 years of being President, I will change everything in the way that we run things,” said Chakwera gesticulating for emphasis.

Namiwa during the press briefing

“And if I don’t change things in the 2 years, I will resign. So, if you want to build a new Malawi, vote for me,” said Chakwera during the campaign.

Speaking yesterday, Namiwa noted that the president’s 32-member cabinet is large and need to be reduced and he also expressed concern over the crowd of advisors Chakwera has.

He then said that Malawians have not forgotten about the promises Chakwera made during campaign period regarding his performance.

“CDEDI is reminding the President that Malawians have not forgotten campaign promises which Dr. Chakwera promised to resign if he failed to fix the country within two years of his reign. We dare say that with two months left to the expiry of those two years, he must honour his promise,” said Namiwa

The Tonse Alliance under the leadership of President Chakwera promised to address the issue of high cost of living, to implement free electricity connection and reduce passport fees.

Currently, Malawians are complaining of the rise in prices of goods such as cooking oil, soap and bread which has led to a high cost of living. In Zomba today, Malawians are holding demonstrations over what they call “economic genocide” due to the rise in cost of living.

The Government has been blaming Covid-19 and recently the Russia Ukraine are for the rise in price of some goods.




  1. Too much negativity, negative energy, fault finding and capatalising on weaknesses of others. Look deep inside yourselves and see if you are any better than others; if you are try to uplift those who are struggling, if not don’t capatalise on their failures or always remind them of their weakness in a way that you want them to feel vulnerable. Unfortunately, this is Malawi.

  2. Chakwera promised a lot of things like reducing his cabinet to minimal posts but he still has a large wasteful cabinet and useless advisors.He said he would not be practising nepotism but he is doing more nepotism by appointing family members ( daughter Violet Chakwera to UK High Commission in London. He has appointed family and friends and his fellow pastors as advisors and staff at State House his son in law Shaun Kampondeni at Press Secretary. He said he would reduce his convoy composition but we see the same long and overspending convoy killing his escorts due to speeding and poor convoy discipline. The police still line up along the route he travels for hours on.end.
    He said he would reduce his Presidential powers still nothing has happened.
    He said he would not be Chancellor of many universities but he has not kept his word.
    So we want him keep his word of resigning.

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