Chitipa, Rumphi residents hold demonstrations demanding construction of road


People from Rumphi and Chitipa held demonstrations today demanding the Malawi Government to construct Rumphi-Nyika-Chitipa Road.

Wearing sackcloths and carrying placards, the protesters marched to Parliament Building in Lilongwe.

However, they were made to wait for hours before presenting a petition to Parliament as Parliament delayed in sending a representative to receive the petition.

Protesters in Lilongwe

Speaking after presenting the petition, leader of the grouping Precious Gondwe said they are concerned that government has failed to upgrade the road for years.

He noted that areas such as agriculture, tourism and health have been affected by the poor state of the road.

Member of Parliament for Chitipa Welani Chilenga received the petition. He said it will be presented to speaker of parliament Catherine Gotani Hara and the issue will be discussed in Parliament.

In Rumphi, concerned citizens also held protests over the same road, saying they are tired of promises and want government to start construction works for the road as soon as possible.

District Commissioner for Rumphi Emmanuel Bulukutu assured them that he will deliver the petition to the president on Tuesday.

The 272 kilometre road connects Rumphi and Chitipa and passes through Nyika National Park, one of the notable tourist attractions in the country.

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