Keturah resurfaces


Malawian songstress, Keturah who shocked Malawians with a suicide scare when she posted that “she was once alive”, has resurfaced saying “the world is full of unfulfilled promises”.

Last week, Keturah posted the chilling Facebook post before she deactivated her account, leading to concerns over her mental health.

However, it was reported that she was fine and was concentrating on her new song. The Facebook account was later re-activated.

Yesterday, Keturah resurfaced with a post about her song which she said is coming out soon. It is suspected that the title of the song will be Chembe.

In her post yesterday, Keturah talked about unfulfilled promises and the need for peace and not more destruction.

She posted:

“The world is full of ups and downs my child…

Full of unfulfilled promises.

Come as light not one of those…

Bring peace to the world not adding up destruction….

Be the light that everyone would love to accommodate.”

She also came to the defence of her former manager Pemphero Mphande who faced various accusations from social media users after Keturah’s shocking post last week.

Yesterday, Keturah described Mphande as a good man. She added: “It will be so unfair of me to remain silent on this.”



  1. Nkhani ikhale yoti amafuna angopusha ka nyimbo kawo afuna kutulusako basi

  2. Chembe my name wow, but you gals of Malawi learn to be dependant!

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