Tobacco marketing season opens on March 31


The Tobacco Commission (TC) has announced that the 2022 tobacco marketing season will open on 31st March, starting with Lilongwe Floors followed by the opening of Limbe Floors on 5th April.

Public Relations Officer for the commission Telephorus Chigwenembe confirmed in a press statement on Wednesday.

Chigwenembe  said dates for the opening of Chinkhoma and Mzuzu Floors will be announced in the second week of April.

He added that tobacco deliveries at Lilongwe and Limbe Floors will start on 21st March, 2022.

In February, TC said sales would start earlier than in previous years for the economic benefit of growers.

Last week, the commission gave a licence to new buyer in the name of Protrade Group Limited which will allow them to buy tobacco from farmers.

Last year, Malawi earned $197.1 million (about K160 billion) from the sale of 123.7 million kilograms of all tobacco types.

In 2020, Malawi sold 114 million kilograms of tobacco and earned $174.97 million (about K143 billion).

The Tobacco Commission is a statutory corporation mandated to regulate the production and marketing of tobacco in Malawi.

Its mission is to provide regulatory services in order to promote compliant tobacco production and marketing systems in a transparent and environmentally friendly manner using modern technologies.