Women Lawyers Association joins Chizuma’s defence team


By Raphael Likaka

Women Lawyers Association has joined Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) chief Martha Chizuma’s team in a court case in which businessperson, Ashok Kumar Sreedharan, took Chizuma to court for alleged defamation.

Women Lawyers Association Publicity Secretary, Ulemu Hannah Kanyongolo, said all the preparations to join the case are finalised such that the association was just waiting for the day when the court starts hearing the case.

Kanyongolo said Women Lawyers Association took an interest in the case because it is an organization which seeks to assist women and children to attain effective protection under the law.

She added that they felt the need to offer assistance to Martha Chizuma through legal representation as well as legal research on the case.

She further said that the association has done all it could to ensure that justice prevails in the Ashock Kumar Sreedharan vs Martha Chizuma case.

“What we the women lawyers want is to see justice done in this case,” the Kanyongolo said.

Legal Research Team composed of academics, members of Women Lawyers Association and lawyers from other legal firms are representing Chizuma in the case.

An Asian businessman, Ashok Kumar Sreedharan, took ACB director Martha Chizuma to court for alleged defamation.

Martha Chizuma sued