Mary Mount student dies: School accused of negligence


A Form Four student at Mary Mount Girls Catholic Secondary School has died as Malawians accuse the school of negligence.

Reports indicate that the student got ill but due to school regulations, parents were not informed to go and pick the girl for medical attention.

According to the reports, the school was just giving pain-killers to the girl at the school and her situation got worse.

The school took the student to hospital and upon arrival, she was diagnosed with Malaria level 3. However, it was already too late as she died without getting malaria treatment.

The child’s parents were only informed when the girl was taken to hospital.

Malawians have since condemned the school over its handling of the situation , saying death could have been avoided if parents were informed in good time.

“This is quite tragic and the death of the girl could have been avoided. This is pure negligence on the part of the school considering that parents of the girl live within Mzuzu (about 2km away from Marymount),” said one person on social media.

Meanwhile, Malawians have since advised secondary schools to be careful as they impose some lockdown regulations where parents are not allowed to visit their kids in schools due to Covid pandemic.



  1. Time for the school to compensate the parents in millions. Kaya atseka koma millions have to be paid out

  2. this is very all time whether minor or serious illness,the childs parents or immediate guardian need to be informed immediately regardless of is the right of every person to have acces to health care and services of their choice.that was violation of a human right to access proper health care service.i know of many secondary school which have tough rules and they impose these ruled on parents and i feel its not appropriate when it comes to illness of any kind(minor/major)please if the situation was as it has been reported here i apeal also to secondary school to learn and review their school regulations.

  3. Why shud we be losing young ones due to malaria and we don’t have malaria drugs in our hospitals? Marymount teachers why? It pains me to see these kinds of death. Pliz take sickness serious, u can’t just be giving Panadol as if it cures disease, it’s just a pain killer and not a disease eliminator. Shame koma

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