Malawi Govt. committed to implementing Compulsory Basic Education – NyaLonje


Minister of Education Agnes NyaLonje says the Malawi Government has put in place strategies for smooth implementation of Compulsory Basic Education (CBE) in order to ensure that more children access primary education.

The Minister made the remarks in Lilongwe on Wednesday, 9 March 2022 during a media briefing under the banner Government Faces the Press.

Nyalonje said strategies to ensure smooth implementation of CBE have been put in place and the Tonse Alliance Government is committed to improving education system in Malawi so that it can compete and meet international quality standards.

“This is essential for human capital development and the realization of our socio-economic development as outlined in Malawi 2063. It is also essential if we are to give every child the opportunity to realize their God-given potential and provide them with opportunities to avoid a life of poverty. The commitment to implement Compulsory Primary Education, expressed by His Excellency the President in the SONA, is an essential first step along the road to 2063 and we seek the engagement and support of all Malawians to help make high quality Basic Education a reality for all our children,” said Nyalonje.

On increasing teaching and learning materials, in the 2022/23 Financial Year, Nyalonje said her Ministry plans to procure, 3,425,016 literacy textbooks for infant classes, of which 1,712,508 are English textbooks and 1,712,508 are Chichewa textbooks to achieve a 1:1 textbook to student ratio for infant classes.

According to Nyalonje, the Ministry will also procure 1,399,046 literacy textbooks for Junior classes of which 699,523 are English textbooks and 699,523 are Chichewa textbooks, to achieve a 1:2 textbook to student ratio for Junior classes.

She said the provision of adequate textbooks to lower classes will strengthen acquisition of foundation skills in reading and begin to address the poor literacy rate in our country.

“Desks are also desperately needed in our schools. In the 2021/22 financial year, my Ministry with support from UNICEF procured 81,000 desks for 1,551 primary schools; so far 70,000 of these desks have been distributed to 1,371 primary schools. Distribution is still in progress for the remaining 11,000 desks. My Ministry is working on strategies for sustainable and affordable supply of desks in all our schools and I will at a later date come back to share more on this,” said Nyalonje.

The Minister also noted that Government of Malawi will increase the number of Teachers by recruiting 6,900 Teachers in 2022/23 financial year.

“We are seeking to establish a qualified teacher to student ratio of 1:60. In the 2021/22 my Ministry recruited 2,200 primary school teachers and 3,270 auxiliary teachers. In the 2022/23 Financial Year my Ministry will recruit 6,900 primary school teachers, 3,000 auxiliary teachers and 230 inspectors,” said Nyalonje.