Chelsea banned from signing new players


Chelsea football club has been banned from signing new players and renewing contracts of their current players.

The ban has been put in place following a decision by the British government to freeze all the asserts owned by Roman Abramovich who bought the club in 2003.

Mr Abramovich has also been barred from selling the club as part of UK’s sanctions targeted at Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

The European Champions now face uncertain future.

The club which has a good following here in Malawi is also banned from selling tickets and club merchandise.

Chelsea is yet to comment on the matter.

UK claims that Abramovich has ties with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the Russian government. Britain claimed in a document published on Thursday that the Chelseas owner was identified as “a pro-Kremlin oligarch” and that he had maintained a close relationship with President Putin for decades.

Mr Abramovich denies the allegations.

He had however put Chelsea on the market when the UK started targeting Russian oligarchs and other billionaires believed to have direct ties with Putin.

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