Malawi Police Spiritual Department provides support to people with albinism


The Malawi Police Service Spirituals, Integrity and Counselling Department has embarked on an initiative aimed at offering psychosocial support to people with albinism.

On Monday, the department’s Director, Reverend Father Steve Likhucha, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) and his team met persons with albinism at Mangochi Town Multipurpose Hall.

Speaking to Mangochi APAM members, priests and chiefs, Reverend Father Likhucha said that MPS is mandated to protect people with albinism at all cost.

He, however, added that due to societal barriers, persons with albinism fail to explore their inborn gifts and talents.

“We are here to encourage you that you should be flexible to learn from others, participate in the activities happening in your communities and do not feel isolated because we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord,” said Likhucha.

He also encouraged chiefs to work hand in hand with the Police in the fight against the attacks of persons with albinism.

Speaking on the same, Ministry of Gender, Community and Social Welfare’s Disability programs officer, Williams Muwawa said the construction of four houses in the district by government for some APAM members signifies government’s commitment towards enhancing their safety.

Echoing the remarks, Mangochi APAM Chairperson Jawaad London commended MPS chaplaincy for the good gesture.

However, Jawad said there is a need to change the alarm gadgets which were provided to APAM members by government.

Jawad also appealed to all APAM members to desist from the tendency of exposing themselves to danger such as drinking alcohol excessively and loitering around during odd hours.

Mangochi Police Officer In-charge, Timothy Phiri, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police, Senior Chief Mponda and Chief Mapira were some of the notable top officials who were present at the function.