Court grants injunction against Nankhumwa’s shadow cabinet


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament Shadreck Namalomba has obtained an injunction that stays the appointment of a shadow cabinet in Parliament and stops Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa from appointing DPP spokespersons in Parliament without party approval .

Nankhumwa appointed a 33-member shadow cabinet last month and this week he replaced DPP spokespersons on finance and legal affairs with his appointees.

The decisions were rejected by the DPP and Namalomba who is Member of Parliament for Mangochi South West and DPP spokesperson has obtained the injunction.


The order obtained from the High Court in Zomba restrains Nankhumwa from discharging the duties of the office of the leader of opposition without consultation and written approval of DPP.

It also bars parliament from recognizing the decisions made by Nankhumwa as leader of opposition in absence of proof in writing that the decisions have been approved by the DPP.

Nankhumwa’s decision to change seating plan of DPP MPs by allocating Namalomba to Seat Number 99 and later Seat Number 100 from Seat Number 25 has also been stayed by the court order.

The court has since stated that any person or entity affected by the court order and wishes to vacate it should give Namalomba a 48-hour notice .