Black Malawians are abusing us – Indians complain


Asians plying their business in Malawi have complained to government of being subjected to racism at the hands of black Malawians.

The Asian Business Community has written Minister of National Unity Timothy Mtambo to express concern over racial slurs targeted at its members.

“The Asian Community has been present in the country since the late 1800s and has been part of the fabric of Malawi.

“Recent events have changed the perception of our community in extremely bad light within various sections, of society that we believe is twisted and based on lies and half-truths,” reads part of the letter signed by Manzoor Bheda, the chairperson of the community.

The community then requested a meeting with Mtambo discuss the issues. The minister has told the local media that the meeting will take place on Thursday this week.

Recently, there have been social media attacks against people of Asian origin based on corruption cases involving some people of Asian origin.

Attacks emerged after a corruption suspect sued Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director general Martha Chizuma for allegedly defaming him in a leaked audio.

Mtambo’s ministry released a statement last week condemning the attacks saying they “promote hate speech, racially-motivated violence and xenophobic statements against Malawians of Asian descent”.

The minister appealed to people in the country to avoid instigating racially motivated violence and any form of discrimination.

“Having an issue with one or two members of a grouping should not amount to profiling the entire race of the Malawian-Asian descent. Citizens are encouraged to respect the rule of law and always allow the due process of the law to take its course,” Mtambo said.



  1. Those who were there since 1800 have long gone. The current ones have arrived from Asia and most of them are draining the country like never before. However there is not need to be racist. Those who indulge themselves in criminal activities must be sent back to their country of origin period.

  2. We are Malawians not black Malawians. This nonsense must stop

  3. “Black Malawians” is demeaning and racist. We are Malawians, period. They are Asians, we don’t call them Brown Asians.

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