Chilima visits reform projects in Lilongwe


Vice President Saulos Chilima today visited reform projects for Lilongwe City and District Councils to confirm if what is presented on paper is matching the actual work on the ground.

In one of its reform areas, the Lilongwe City Council pledged to work on modalities to ease flow of traffic for city dwellers especially during rush hours.

According to Chilima, under this reform area, one of the initiatives is the ongoing construction of a 20km road connecting Kauma, Area 12 and Area 44 that will have proper finishing and drainage.

“So far the progress is commendable. This is just one of the many roads that have been earmarked for Lilongwe City to reflect its city status and de-congest traffic,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

Under Lilongwe District Council, Chilima visited two cooperatives – Gwiritse at Nsaru and Arcades Youth in Mpingu which are part of the council’s reforms to enhance agro-processing and value addition of Agricultural products.

He noted during the visit that Gwiritse Cooperative has purchased farming machinery including a Tractor and a Lorry which are being used for its Agro Processing and Value Addition activities to benefit hundreds of people within its vicinity.

“I was also impressed that 70 percent of the membership are women,” he said.

He added that the Cooperative by Acads Youth Association in Mpingu in the area of Traditional Authority Bwatalika is a complete success and inspiring story by the youths who are willing to venture into commercial farming.

“These are young Malawians who decided to venture into commercial farming after their tertiary education. They have a membership of about 3,000. They want to change the traditional face of agriculture in the area. They are also eying exports in future,” said Chilima.

He declared that the three projects he visited today reflect what was presented on paper.

After the project visits, Chilima had Full Council meetings with the Lilongwe City Council followed by the District Council for way forward and further guidance on the remaining reforms that they presented.

With the presence of the Minister of Local Government, Members of Parliament, the Mayor of City, Councillors, Senior Traditional Leaders and management teams of the councils, the meetings discussed reforms that will improve service delivery in Lilongwe city and in Lilongwe district.

Chilima is expected to undertake a similar visit to Kasungu tomorrow.