Lilongwe Council says no to pro-Chizuma demos


Lilongwe District Council has made a U-turn on the authorization it granted to Malawians who want to hold demonstrations in support of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director general Martha Chizuma.

The group calling itself ‘Citizens Against Impunity and Corruption’ wanted to take to the streets on Wednesday to express displeasure with the action taken by corruption suspect Ashok Nair to drag Chizuma to court for defamation over a leaked audio clip.

Lilongwe Council’s letter

Protests leaders already secured permission from the Lilongwe District Council but the council has today rescinded its decision after consultations with stakeholders.

“In this case, the office of the District Commissioner is writing to you that it has cancelled the permission that was given on 25th February, 2022. The permission has been cancelled because all the stakeholders have noted that the issue that you intended to demonstrate on is still at the High Court, Lilongwe Civil Registry,” reads part of the letter which is signed by the district commissioner Lawford Lapani and has been addressed to one of the organizers Sylvester Ayuba James.

The cancellation come hours after the organizers held a press briefing in Lilongwe where they stated their readiness to hold demonstrations.

Martha Chizuma sued


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  1. why not consult the stakeholders before you permission on 25th february. Ingonenani kuti akupangirani chiganizo

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