AGRA commits to champion agriculture commercialization in vision 2063


In a bid to complement government efforts in achieving some of the goals in vision 2063, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) has reaffirmed the commitment to help the agriculture sector in advancing agriculture commercialization.

Speaking during a meeting on Thursday at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe, Head of Southern Region for AGRA Dyborn Chibonga said in the next five years they are geared up to make the difference in the agriculture sector.

Chibonga said in their new strategy that will be used from 2022 to 2027, they have incorporated various things to propel agriculture related activities.

He said AGRA will contribute to agricultural commercialization by working with various partners in developing relevant policies and systems so that smallholder farmers should benefit and that they will also work with the private sector to have last mile delivery systems that links farmers to input and output markets.

“We will work on the development of SMEs with linkages to the private sector so as to create sustainability beyond the life of AGRA programs.

“In addition, we have three cross-cutting elements that will be integrated across the strategic priorities including Inclusivity – Enabling women and youth to contribute to and benefit from agriculture, for their economic empowerment, Climate adaptation and resilience – Equipping farmers and strengthening food systems to absorb and recover from shocks and Nutrition – Improving nutrition outcomes by diversifying crops and ensuring food availability,” he said

However, apart from facing numerous challenges, Chibonga said in 2017 to 2021 strategy they have been able to reach 10.1 million farmers directly through improved systems.

He added that they have also reached 16.8 million farmers through their policy, state capability and regional food trade and reached 2.3 million farmers through partnerships.

Further, Chibonga said 2022 to 2027 strategy is very crucial and AGRA will meet the goals by deploying four main business lines or strategic priorities that include Seed systems, Sustainable Farming, Inclusive Markets & Trade and Policy & State Capability.

AGRA is an African-based and African-led institution that is working to catalyze Inclusive Agriculture Transformation on the continent so that smallholder farming should not be a solitary struggle to survive but a business that thrives.

They work with various technical and financial partners to bring solutions to the challenges facing African agriculture sectors and achieve food and nutrition security and incomes in a sustainable manner.