Reverend Gama apologizes to Chewa people


Central African Presbyterian Church (CCAP) Nkhoma Synod Reverend Yasin Gama has apologized to Chewa people for disparaging Gulewamkulu during a church service last Sunday.

Gama made the apology at a meeting at District Commission offices conducted in presence of the Chewa Heritage Foundation, Chewa chiefs, Malawi Police Service and Nkhoma Synod Representatives.

Gama of Mvama Church in Lilongwe in a sermon on Sunday described members of the gulewamkulu cult as evil people and the remarks angered Chewa.

Before presenting his apology, he prayed to God to bare him witness for being forced to apologize and he asked Him to receive his soul.

But after being advised by the DC and his fellow faith leaders, he apologized to the heritage saying the message was wrongly said.

Paramount Chief Lukwa

“I agree that the language that I used it was utterly wrong to our culture as Chewas,” he said

Coordinator for Chewa Heritage Foundation, Chief Paramount Lukwa said the sentiments by Reverend Gama have the potential to fuel violence in the country, hence asking Gama to officially apologize to Chewa people.

Secretary General for Nkhoma Synod Reverend Vasco Kachipapa also apologized on behalf of the Synod.

Kachipapa further pledged for continued peace and harmony that has been existing between the synod and Chewa people.

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