MPs asked to report damages caused by floods


Minister of Transport Jacob Hara told Members of Parliament on Friday to provide the ministry with information on damages caused by floods in their constituencies.

The ministry distributed forms to the legislators which they will use to provide data on every area that has been affected by the floods.

Hara added that the ministry will be focusing on damaged Bridges as well as Roads to respond to the situation on time.

“We will have a record for spending budget and spending statements across the country about Bridges and Roads that have been washed away,” he explained.

Commenting on the issue, Member of Parliament for Machinga East Esther Jolobala commended the development which she said will enable them to report the incidents on time to the ministry and it is her hope that they will be responding on time.


Jolobala added that when the members submit the affected projects, her expectation is that the way people from Central Region get assistance, it should be the same way for people in the Northern Region as well as in Southern and Eastern Regions.

“l will be very disappointed if members from other parts of the country do not get any assistance after submitting. We would like to ask them to treat each and every member, each and every constituency seriously without taking into consideration the region of a particular Member of Parliament is coming from. We will see what will happen after submitting,” she explained.

On the issue of Constituency Development Fund (CDF), the Member of Parliament said that increase of the CDF has come at the right time considering that the cost of living is high which is also makes the price of commodities to be high.

She then asked her fellow members to use the funds accordingly so that they can bring a change that local people deserves because the funds are for local people.