Martha Chizuma facing imminent arrest for defamation


Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General Martha Chizuma is facing an imminent arrest for defamation over her leaked audio.

In her audio, Chizuma alleged that a member of the Judiciary and several lawyers had received bribes to release on bail a suspect.

She also made serious allegations against President Lazarus Chakwera who she claimed was not supporting her fight against corruption. Her allegations drew the ire of the president who claim to have come close to chopping her head. In an unbroadcasted message, Chakwera revealed that he had put the Director General up for disciplinary hearing to decide her fate.

Chizuma then went AWOL from duty with some media outlets digging into her absence and alleged pre-mature leave.

But it has been alleged that Chizuma will now be arrested allegedly on defamation related charges over the allegations she drew out in her leaked audio.

Writing on social media, social commentator Joshua Chisa Mbele who was once arrested for alleging that some members of the Chakwera family were basking in the glory of corruption and bribes, revealed that Chizuma’s arrest is imminent.

“Martha, Director General of ACB is facing an arrest. She will be charged with criminal offense. This is stemming from the leaked Audio.

“The motive is to have her removed from the position. Apparently a suitable person is already identified to take over,” said Mbele.


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