Blantyre residents supplied with dirty water


Blantyre Water Board (BWB) customers have complained that dirty water has been flowing out of their taps for several days.

Several residents have posted on social about the dirty water coming out of their taps and there are concerns that the water could be contaminated and cause diseases.

“Blantyre Water Board izizi tizimwa mwati (you want us to drink this water)?” asked Facebook user Yangairo Yangairo.

Commenting on the post, a Manase resident also shared a picture of a glass full of contaminated water saying they have had such water for about a week.

Other commenters also complained that water coming out of the taps in their areas smell of feces.

“Kwathu kumatuluka madzi onunkha manyi (At our house, the water smell of feces),” said a social media user.

Alexandra Poncet wrote: “I contacted them for a bad smell on Thursday morning, they came to take a sample and run some tests.”

Che Muphuwa Mussa said the water in Lilongwe is also just as bad.

“Kukakhala ku LLz nde akutuluka onukha (In Lilongwe we have stinky water coming out of our taps). So stinky u can’t even wash your clothes with it,” he said.

On Twitter, one person warned people not to drink the water.

Some water board customers have since warned that they will sue the water supplier.

Innocent Kaliati said: “Blantyre Water Board there is a lawsuit coming your way. Get those lawyers ready!”

Blantyre Water Board is yet to comment on the issue.

Last year, a court in Lilongwe awarded K1.3 billion compensation to 325 Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) customers who were supplied contaminated water after the board’s supply pipes burst underground near a broken sewer system in Area 18A.