Bushiri responds to disasters: Supports 4000 households in Mulanje, Thyolo Districts


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and wife, Mary Bushiri, have started what they call a ‘complete package’ response to disasters by donating various relief and rehabilitation items to 4000 households in Mulanje and Thyolo.

Speaking at Chambe grounds in Traditional Authority Nkanda in the district on Thursday, Bushiri said the complete package entails not just helping the households with relief items such as food materials, temporal shelter and sanitation facilities; but also supporting the victims with capacity to help them repair and rebuild their homes when the ground gets dry.

During the event, 2000 households benefited with each household getting 10 packets soya pieces, 25kg bag of maize, packets of sugar, plastic sheets for roofing and plastic buckets.

Mulanje District Commissioner Stallichi Mwambia and Senior Chief Nkanda hailed Bushiri for heeding President Lazarus Chakwera’s call for Malawians to support victims of disasters. In Mulanje, 18, 000 households have been affected by floods.

Bushiri also supported 2000 families with bags of maize and cash in Thyolo yesterday.


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  1. It’s only right that he gives back and helps all those those who give to him. What he has donated is but a small fraction of what he takes from his followers each week. In reality he should be doing so much more. This is a public relations excercise to boost his and Mary’s image.

    Just look ar his recent Facebook and Instagram posts about these acts of charity. There are some staged photos of him carrying sacks. Everyone else is just standing watching while he gets himself photographed so there is obviously no genuine work being done at that moment by anyone. No pitching in by Bushiri. Everyone else is just standing back while he takes centre stage for his photo opportunity.

    Also in his Facebook and Instagram posts about this he gives all the credit to himself and Mary saying “Mary and I spent our day distributing parcels to the needy”. No acknowledgement or credit is given to any of the other members of his church who were there, who can all be clearly distinguished as they are all wearing black Tshirts with the words Kingdom Financing Milliionaires printed on the front, which in itself is hardly appropriate for the “event” and somewhat insensitive given what the victims have lost.

    As usual with Bushiri its all “me me me” and any “good deeds” he does have an agenda and are done at minimal cost to himself, but just enough to make him look good.

    Sorry, it’s not enough. He’s got the funds to be doing so much more. He could be alleviating so much more suffering but he chooses not to.

    I’m not impressed. Give more. Give others the credit and let them get on with the important work of distribution instead of holding them up just so you can have your standard picture taken with the sack over your shoulder.

    He is taking advantage of this disaster and peoples’ suffering to promote himself and Mary. It’s in very poor taste and so obvious.

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