UTM’s Blantyre urban governor resigns


Blantyre urban governor for UTM, Charles Nkoloma, has stepped down from his position and has endorsed anti-government demonstrations.

According to a letter Malawi24 has in possession dated 3rd February, 2022, Nkoloma has informed the party’s regional governor that he has resigned and he is no longer a member of the party.

“I exit with heavy heart because of the sacrifices I made for the party, wooing supporters to vote for Tonse Alliance but in turn, the same choice they made have caused them misery,” Nkoloma said in the letter.

He has also apologised to Malawians for being part of the team that promised them moon only to let them plough their own field.

Nkoloma has therefore endorsed concerned citizens’ demonstrations led by former UTM Youth Director Bon Kalindo.

In the same letter, he has also passed a message to district governors that he has seen the writings on the wall hence his decision to quit.

He then told the leadership of the party that God is seeing and the party will need people to vote for them again in 2025.


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  1. It’s very sad how a normal person can be following someone who failed to provide for his family, his sister akuphika kachaso mwa njedza in Mulanje and still people are using toilet zokumba at his home yet he was a member of Parliament for the same area. Shame

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