Cleaners dump trash in hospital over unpaid salaries


By Mercy Nsaliwa

Cleaners at Zomba Central Hospital dumped trash in rooms and corridors at the hospital in protest over unpaid salaries.

The cleaners’ contract is ending on January 31, 2022 but they have not been for six months.

According to the cleaners, the hospital owes each cleaner K300,000.

Corridors at Zomba Central Hospital

On Saturday, the cleaners dumped trash in rooms at the hospital and dirtied floors in an attempt to force their bosses to give them their money. The protests were only stopped after police intervened.

“The sticking situation was brought to an end after police landed on the hospital to act as mediators,” an official said.

Meanwhile, authorities at Zomba Central Hospital have blamed a new payment system for the delay in salaries but they have said they working tirelessly to resolve the issue.

“We are working hard by engaging the Ministry of Finance in Lilongwe so that they should finalise their payments,” Zomba Central Hospital administrator Fredson Kambeni told the local media.