How to Earn Money by Buying and Selling Bitcoin


Do you wish to earn money by buying and selling Bitcoin? If so, here’s what you should know about Bitcoin trading. 

There’s no doubt that the internet has many stories of people making a lot of money with Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin as an alternative payment method. Bitcoin’s primary purpose was to allow people to transfer value without intermediaries like governments and banks. But Bitcoin is now more than a digital currency. It’s also a tradable asset, with some people making good money by trading it.

Today, most people venture into the cryptocurrency world hoping to make money. However, some people lose money while others give up too early. That’s because they don’t understand how to earn money by purchasing and selling Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency sector is in its infancy, but Bitcoin is among the most valuable crypto assets in the current market. Therefore, it attracts many people, from traders to investors and even scammers. For this reason, anyone new to this cryptocurrency must be careful to avoid losing money when trying to make a kill from their trades.

Can You Make Money Buying And Selling Bitcoin?

Yes. Many people have made good money by purchasing and selling Bitcoin. Like other virtual currencies, Bitcoin is inherently volatile. While this volatility makes Bitcoin a risky investment or asset, it creates an opportunity to trade it for profits. Therefore, some people use platforms like to trade this cryptocurrency.

Ideally, you register with such a digital platform and load your account with fiat money. After that, you can start purchasing and selling Bitcoin. Different crypto exchanges accept various payment methods, including banks and credit cards. Therefore, choose a cryptocurrency exchange that accepts your preferred payment method.

Many people make good money trading Bitcoin online. While cryptocurrency trades daily volume average is around 1% of the entire foreign exchange market, its volatility creates opportunities for purchasing and selling Bitcoin for profits. Thus, you can engage in short-term trades.

How to Make Money by Trading Bitcoin

You can make money when buying and selling Bitcoin in two ways. Depending on how fast you want to earn money, you can buy and hold or engage in short-term trades.

Buy and Hold

This strategy is also called buy and HODL. It entails purchasing Bitcoins and holding onto them for a more extended period. Most investors with a lot of money to invest like this strategy. Ideally, they buy and add Bitcoin to their portfolio for months or even years.

Typically, savvy investors allocate their portfolio’s lion share to bonds and stocks. Only a tiny percentage of their portfolio goes to risky investments like Bitcoin. That’s because Bitcoin’s volatility makes it a risky investment.

Ideally, people who buy and hold onto their Bitcoin monitor the crypto market to determine the duration for keeping this digital asset in their portfolio. Historically, Bitcoin has increased in value over the long term. Thus, some investors want to hold onto their tokens and sell them when the price increases significantly.

Short-term Trading

Some people make money buying and selling Bitcoin over the short term. Bitcoin’s volatility means its price decreases and increases dramatically within a short period. Therefore, successful crypto traders have excellent technical and analytical skills to study Bitcoin’s performance and make informed decisions. Thus, these traders can predict Bitcoin’s price decreases and increases.

Depending on their asset price expectations, such traders take short or long positions. Thus, these traders can make profits in both bearish and bullish markets.

Final Thoughts

Making good money by purchasing and selling Bitcoin requires a proper understanding of the crypto market. Also, traders should analyze this cryptocurrency to predict when the price will rise or fall. That way, you can know when to buy or sell Bitcoins to earn more profits.