Unites States praises Chakwera over fight against corruption


The Embassy of the United States of America has hailed President Lazarus Chakwera for taking bold steps to further his administration’s fight against corruption in Malawi.

In a statement yesterday, the embassy noted that corruption poses a significant threat to Malawi by wasting public resources and undermining democracy and the confidence of citizens.

Chargé d’Affaires Jeremey Neitzke stated: “We are encouraged by President Chakwera’s commitment to ensuring that Malawi’s accountability institutions are apolitical and that those engaging in acts of corruption are brought to justice.  The U.S. government supports efforts to prevent corruption by encouraging government transparency and access to information, as well as to prosecute corruption.”

According to the statement, the embassy also agrees with President Chakwera’s call to the citizens of Malawi to play an active role in the ongoing fight against corruption.

Chakwera on Monday held a press conference to show his support for Anti-Corruption Bureau Director General Martha Chizuma, amid calls for her removal over a leaked audio.

Chizuma in the audio said that the bureau has not been getting adequate support from Chakwera, that she was informed that she had lost support from State House and that she was warned that there is a perception that she wants to bring Chakwera’s government down. She also alleged that some judges and lawyers are corrupt and she discussed a case which the bureau is handling.

Chakwera, however, did not fire Chizuma, saying the audio was recorded by evil people whose aimed was to derail the agenda to rid Malawi of corruption.

He said: “If you thought that making this recording would force me to fire her, you better think again. And if you thought that you can use Ms. Chizuma’s work or improper comments on that audio to attack me and get me out of the way, you better think again.”