Julius Malema tears into Chakwera


South African opposition politician Julius Malema has bashed President Lazarus Chakwera, saying the Malawi leader overpromised and is now struggling to deliver on his promises.

Malema who is leader of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) made the remarks at an EFF briefing yesterday while commenting on Chakwera’s decision to dissolve his cabinet.

Malema described the dissolution of cabinet in Malawi as an internal issue and not a declaration of crisis. He then added that the decision was made by a president “who is struggling with getting relevant in Malawi”.

Malema also suggested that Chakwera may have fired his cabinet to deflect blame from himself over his government’s failure to deliver on its promises.

“He overpromised and is finding it difficult to deliver and therefore he wants to blame on it on other people. Maybe he will win,” said Malema.

Chakwera dissolved his cabinet on Monday but he confirmed that some of the ministers will be back in his reconfigured cabinet which he is expected to announce before the end of tomorrow.

The announcement came as Malawians continue to demand the president to deliver on his campaign promises.

On Friday last week, anti-government protesters marched in Blantyre demanding Chakwera to show commitment towards the fight against corruption. They also marched against nepotism and high cost of living under the Lazarus Chakwera administration. The protesters further reminded Chakwera of his promise to create one million jobs and provide loans to Malawians.



  1. Malema is not wrong the guy he over promised now he’s failing to deliver on his promise so he’s trying to shift the blem

  2. I second you Malema. This president so called Chakwera has failed us Malawians.

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