DPP wants cabinet to have less than 20 members


The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has asked President Lazarus Chakwera to reduce the size of his cabinet from 31 members to less than 20, including the president and his vice president.

The party’s Spokesperson Shadreck Namalomba has made the call in a statement today.

According to Namalomba, Chakwera should trim his cabinet by merging some ministries such as Ministries of Civic Education and Information as well as Trade and Industry.

He went on to say that Chakwera should also reconfigure a cabinet that is truly representative of Malawians and desist from appointing people from one district, region or faith group.

Namalomba in the statement also accused Chakwera of failing to provide decisive leadership in making critical decisions at a time that matters most.

He added that Chakwera has failed to lead his cabinet and provide policy and economic directions.

“Any cabinet will fail because it is led by a president who is a failure. President Chakwera should have fired himself along with his cabinet. It is a mockery to Malawians to fire his entire cabinet and exclude himself.

“Be as it may, the decision to dissolve cabinet has been long overdue. Malawians will recall that against his own words, President Chakwera failed to evaluate and reconfigure his cabinet 6 months of forming his government. The dissolved cabinet had more spectators and less of doers,” said Namalomba.