Public reviews: Malawians trash Fatsani


People who are watching Malawi’s debutant on Showmax, Fatsani, are struggling to finish watching it, calling it a masterclass on camera quality and soundtrack but trash on the rest.

The movie which landed on Showmax a few days ago, created anticipation from the receiving end. On the contrary there are more of bad words to describe the work of art than good words.

Malawians on social media have thrown into the trash barrel the movie which is argued to be the country’s flag carrier in as far as the theatre is concerned. Malawians in question believe Fatsani movie is not worth one’s time.

The Daredevils hip-hop crew tweeted: “I’m still struggling with it. I don’t know why Mamma didn’t just raise me as a quitter.”

Another Twitter user identified as @KublaiiK1 tweeted: “People who went to watch that movie declined to give a review so that we should all suffer the same.”

Literature enthusiast Haggai Maggai has said the movie is good but it’s storyline leaves a lot to be desired.

He said: “Fatsani movie is not bad at all, but things could have been much better. To begin with, the story is not what one would call a powerful story.”

The movie premiered in Malawi in 2021. Since its premier, Malawians’ cries on social media for the movie to be released were unbearable given the degree of anticipation they had.