People in Lilongwe city asked to plant more trees


Mayor for Lilongwe City Council Mayor Richard Banda has encouraged people in the city to plant more trees in order to restore the environment.

Banda made the statement during the official launch of Greening Lilongwe Campaign at Kaliyeka Primary School.

Speaking with reporters, Banda said that they have donated about 5,000 seedlings which will be planted to the communities surrounding Kaliyeka Primary School.

He added that people are encouraged to plant more trees so that they can assist the city council’s vision of turning Lilongwe green.

“I know for sure that every household that is surrounded by this school will make use of this initiative by supporting Lilongwe City Council. Because these trees are needed to be planted in cemeteries, churches, schools, households. We have involved the leaders in the communities to be part of the team and take care of the trees,” he explained.

On her part, the Headteacher of Kaliyeka Primary School Ayida Mtupanyama Maulidi commended the council for choosing the school as one of the beneficiaries from their project.

Hara in white coat during the event

Maulidi noted that due to high enrollment of learners at the institution, most of the times school blocks become inadequate and trees are used as places of learning since they provide shades.

She then pledged that she going to   make sure that the trees are well taken care of by encouraging the learners to water the trees and ensuring that no one destroy them.