Chakwera told to reshuffle cabinet in three months


The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has told President Lazarus Chakwera to reshuffle his cabinet, saying the current cabinet has spectators who lack seriousness and influence.

The committee which comprises religious leaders made the remarks yesterday during an interface with the President.

Chairperson of the committee Monsignor Dr. Patrick Thawale noted that Chakwera pledged to reshuffle the Cabinet by end of year 2020.  He said the pledge was religiously believed that an action in this regard would be effected but up to date nothing has happened.

Thawale argued that Chakwera’s delay to reshuffle the cabinet continues to erode trust that was bestowed upon him.

Thawale on behalf of PAC then demanded the president to make changes to his cabinet and fire Secretary to the President and Cabinet Zangazanga Chikhosi.

“Consider changes in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well, for there seems to be reputational challenges. In fact, the current Cabinet seems to be a spectator in their leadership style. A number of them lack gravitas and influence. For instance, this is the time those occupying rightful roles in economic arena should have been in the forefront of translating and explaining measures to mitigate economic hardship. Their silence is loud enough. We kindly call upon Your Excellency to consider reshuffling the Cabinet within 3 months. The public patience is running thin,” said Thawale.

PAC also faulted Chakwera over his reluctance to fire Minister of Lands Kezzie Msukwa who is accused of receiving K23 million in bribes. The religious grouping noted that Chakwera in the past fired Ken Kandodo as Minister of Labour and Newton Kambala as Minister of Energy after they were accused of abuse of office.

“Your Excellency may consider avoiding the use of selective justice in treating cabinet ministers – especially on issues you are able to make decisions,” said Thawale

The grouping has since advised Chakwera to act swiftly on issues. According to Thawale, Chakwera’s indecisiveness on several issues has led Malawians to brand his leadership as tainted with lies and corruption.