South East Region Police engage chiefs on security


As one way of tightening security in the region, the Deputy Commissioner of Police responsible for South East Region Police Dennis Katuya on Tuesday engaged Chief Ndamera and his subordinates in Nsanje District on security issues.

Speaking during the meeting held at Ndamera’s Headquarters Katuya reminded local leaders one of their roles of making sure that there is peace in their respective areas and urged them to report to police any criminal activity happening in their areas.

He also asked local leaders to be in the forefront to jealously safeguard a railway line from Limbe to Marka which is under renovation once it is completed as the development will ease transport problems in the area.

“As a border district you should make sure that all new faces are known before being harbored for either marriage, business or settlement,” disclosed Katuya.

Earlier on, Gibson Milanzi, security analyst of Nacala Logistics, asked the gathering to report to their company any vandalism on railway line once it is renovated. He said those who want to report can use 1040 toll free line for TNM numbers only.

Lastly Chief, Ndamera on behalf of his subordinates promised to safeguard their territory as well as railway line once renovated.