Mbele charged with defamation


Malawi Police says social media activist Joshua Chisa Mbele will answer the charge of defamation after he shared a document on social media.

The document, which is deemed to contain fake and defamatory information, lists names of government officials claiming that they have offshore accounts which they used to receive proceeds of crimes.

National Police spokespersons James Kadadzera said Mbele will answer the charge of defamation but he did not reveal the names of people who have complained about being defamed.

“He has been arrested for posting on social media information deemed to be defamatory in nature. He will answer charges of defamation, ” said Kadadzera.

He added that Mbele, who lives in Salima, is being kept at Lumbadzi Police Station in Lilongwe.

Mbele shared the document yesterday on his Facebook account which is followed by over 25,000 Facebook users. He, however, deleted it after a few minutes saying he had fallen victim to misinformation

Meanwhile, social commentator Onjezani Kenani has defended Mbele saying he made a mistake but deleted the post after realizing it and also alerted his followers that the document was fake.

“I view the action by law enforcement officials as heavy-handed and disproportionate, especially towards someone who already acknowledged his mistake and went to great lengths to reverse it. I hope he is being treated fairly and that he will be quickly taken to court for a bail hearing in accordance with his rights. I stand with Joshua at this moment. Sending my message of support to him,” said Kenani.