Malawi Police arrest social media activist


Malawi Police have arrested social media activist Joshua Chisa Mbele after he posted on Facebook a document that contains names of government officials.

The document, which seem to contain fake information, claims that the listed government officials have offshore accounts which they used to receive proceeds of crimes.

Mbele today shared it on his Facebook account which is followed by over 25,000 Facebook users. He, however, deleted it saying he had fallen victim to misinformation.

“I have removed the document because it is questionable. Suspicious,” he wrote in a Facebook post, adding that he asked his followers if the document was genuine and most people expressed doubts.

“People with sharp eyes will spot discrepancies. I don’t like spreading fake news hence I don’t share secretly but openly so that those in the real know can dispute. We fall victims now and again to misinformation,” wrote Mbele in another post.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that Mbele has been arrested in Salima and has been taken to Police Headquarters in Lilongwe.