Chakwera intervenes over stalled projects


President Lazarus Chakwera today showed up at his office at Capital Hill in Lilongwe where he intervened over two multi-billion kwacha projects which are expected to create over 2,000 jobs.

This morning, the president was working from the Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU) which he set up last year to identify and resolve bottlenecks in government that are delaying the implementation of signature programs and projects of his Administration.

According to Chakwera, he summoned officials from the Ministries of Lands and Trade to resolve administrative obstacles to the construction of a $110-million-dollar facility for COMESA, which has had zero progress since Malawi was awarded the project in 2013.

“Through my intervention, land for the project, which will create 2000 jobs, has been allocated, a title deed for the same has been delivered to COMESA and the two responsible ministries have been given timelines to ensure construction begins this year,” the president said.

Chakwera also summoned officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Greenbelt Authority to make progress on the Nchalo Greenbelt Limited, a project covering 10000 hectares and involving 20000 cotton farmers.

The president said, following his intervention, the project has been revived after three years of no production. He added that the project is expected to be completed by mid-next year with an investment of K18 billion.