Malawi introduces 60-day amnesty for thieves who defrauded Govt


The Malawi Government has announced a 60-day general amnesty to allow those who defrauded Government or acquired wealth illegally to surrender the stolen funds.

Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda has announced the 60-day general amnesty in a statement.

“Pursuant to justice and restitution balancing act, The Attorney General also wishes to announce a 60-day general amnesty to all those who might have defrauded Government or illicitly acquired wealth whether through procurement fraud and corruption or otherwise, but willing to restitute or voluntarily surrender the said wealth within 60 days from the date hereof,” reads part of the statement.

He added that the amnesty extends to people connected to the 77 Cashgate files that are currently before the prosecution authorities, commercial banks that facilitated Cashgate and to current investigations connected with a businessperson accused of stealing funds.

Nyirenda further said that he will be giving the nation periodic updates on the matters.

This means that people who stole government money may not be prosecuted or will be forgiven if they return the stolen funds during the 60 day period.

Social commentator Onjezani Kenani has since bashed the introduction of the amnesty saying it seems the government wants to protect some politicians and rich people.

“Amnesty is the trap door through which thieves will be allowed to escape so they can loot again,” said Kenani in a Facebook post.


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  1. And those who acquired wealth through short cut way and are in custody must be released then they pay back what they stole

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