Law professor lays into Chakwera

Malawi Economy

Professor Danwood Chirwa has laid into President Lazarus Chakwera for attending a birthday party on New Year’s Eve, saying he has never seen an African president so gluttonous.

Chirwa has also described the party as a “congregation of people that should never stand near state power in any country.”

Chirwa launched the scathing attack on Facebook yesterday, days after Chakwera attended the 50th birthday party of businessperson Simbi Phiri’s wife in Mchinji. The party on New Year’s Eve was also attended by several cabinet ministers.  During the party, Chakwera sang the happy birthday song to Sikhanyisiwe Phiri

Chirwa said the participants were congregating to cement and celebrate one man’s status as the new topmost state capturer.

“The rich man literally hired a state president of an entire African nation to lead the singing of a birthday song to his wife, the backup team being the entire cabinet, even as the real musicians stood by listening to badly out-of-tune voices. In attendance were some known crooks and hedonists. It was a congregation of people that should never stand near state power in any country.

Chakwera (L) during the party

“I’ve never seen an African president so gluttonous and easy to capture. No previous president has been so blatant in advertising his pathetic state of beholdenness,” he said.

Chirwa then warned that Chakwera may have managed to hoodwink the Malawi population but time is coming when people will take back their power.

“He can rest assured, however, that he and his gang of crooks will have their day of reckoning. They will all fail and fall, it’s a matter of time,” said Chirwa.

Chakwera attended the party in question as a personal friend of Simbi Phiri who owns Khato Civils. Several years ago, Phiri gave Chakwera a Hummer as a gift.

Ministers who attended the party included Gender Minister Patricia Kaliati, Foreign Affairs Minister Eisenhower Mkaka, Agriculture Minister Lobin Lowe and Health Minister Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda. Speaker of Parliament Catherine Gotani Hara also attended.

There was also a performance by famous Congolese artist Koffi Olomide.