Floods wash away newly constructed road


Floods have washed away part of the K11 billion Nsanje-Marka road recently constructed by China Railway-20, a Chinese Contractor.

The flash floods have caused havoc in some parts of the district mainly in Senior Chief Malemia’s area where houses have also been damaged.

The damage on the newly constructed road has raised concerns that the works being carried out by the Chinese contractor are substandard.

“A bridge is supposed to be designed in such a way that water is directed under and not just hitting the embankment anyhow,” said one person on social media.

However, Roads Authority Spokesperson, Portia Kajanga, has defended the works claiming that rivers in Nsanje and Chikwawa districts usually change courses.

“This is what happened, instead of going under the bridge, the water hit the embankment damaging it in the process,” she said.

She added that the incident does not mean the road “is not going to be strong.”

But social media users have argued that the contractor should have factored in the challenge of floods before constructing the road and the bridge.

“Engineers working on that project must be aware of how floods affect the area and how to rectify those calamities before the actual disasters. We need durable roads, bridges and superstructures mind you the funds for those works are from our taxes and from donors,” a social media user said.

Before the damage, the Chinese contactor was remaining with protection works, drainage, signposts and markings. It is expected that the project will be handed over to Roads Authority in the month end of May, 2022.


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  1. I hope the constructor will rebuild without billing the government again

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