Two security guards killed in Nsanje


Thugs in Nsanje have killed two security guards aged 45 and 55 who were guarding a shop at Mchiliko village in the area of Senior Chief Tengani in the district.

Nsanje Police Station, Spokesperson, Agnes Zalakoma said the guard were killed in the wee hours of today.

Zalakoma has identified the victims as Notice Aaron, 45 and Lingi James, 55, both from Mchakalima village in the area of Senior Chief Tengani in the district.

The two were working as security guards at a shop belonging to Isaac Sitifano of Mchiliko village in the district.

She said: “It is reported that on the particular night, the wife of Isaac Sitifano woke up around 01:00 hours in order to answer a call of nature and suddenly saw a person who wanted to jump over a brick fence.

“The wife then started shouting for help and this alerted the husband who came out of the house before the intruder escaped.

“The husband tried to call his two security guards (the deceased) who were by then on guard at the shop but there was no response,” said Zalakoma.

The husband tried to check on his two security guards only to find that they were severely wounded and were bleeding.

He reported to the police who immediately rushed to the scene and took the two security guards to Nsanje District Hospital where they died while receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, nothing has been stolen from the shop, but police investigations are underway to arrest the suspects who will answer murder charges.


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  1. Make sure to catch these murderers and hang them publicly….

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