The five musicians who ruled Malawi in 2021


Malawi24 has identified best five musicians who made waves in the year 2021, based on people’s votes and assessment.

  1. Leslie Moyo

The songstress has been rated as one of the players in the entertainment industry who had a great 2021. Leslie’s name never went missing whenever a hit song popped up.

In the said year, she injected her angelic vocals on a number of ballads, both as a solo and featured artist. As a solo artist, she released a gospel tune called Moyo Wane which won hearts of many people from the receiving end.

Then she combined her artistic prowess with other heavyweights in the industry to bring out proven blockbusters. She got featured on Ritaa’s Wa Ine before Smacks Kaira worked with her on Kodo.

In a nutshell, she never disappointed in 2021. It is safe to describe the period as her breakthrough point.

  1. Saint

Bambo a Tereza as other people prefer to address him, Saint was undoubtedly another mover and shaker in the year 2021. His team work with Kell Kay on Basi upgraded his standards, making him one of the artists who was on high demand in the year.

The singer dedicated the year to collaborations and he did not disappoint. Towards the end of the year, he also worked with seasonal rapper Diktator of the Yanga Ija fame. The collaboration proved to be an icing on the cake.

  1. Kell Kay

    Kelly Kay

The Lilongwe based singer gave Malawi one of the best songs in the year 2021 Basi which features Saint. The song won hearts of many people, statistics can testify.

On YouTube, it is one of the most viewed locally produced songs. As if that is not enough, Basi was also used in the advertising industry as a sound track, by a number of production studios.

The Kell Kay good story did not begin and end on Basi as he also made noise with Lobola, a song whose video cameos international singer and model Zani Challe.

All in all, the singer was one of the noisy players in the industry in 2021.

  1. Onesimus


We cannot talk about Malawi urban music in 2021 without mentioning Onesimus’ name. Talk of hit songs, this singer did justice to the mic.

In 2021 he dropped bangers which ended up being festive season anthems. Solomoni, Maria, and Mr Nobody are undoubtedly hit songs which sail in their own class.

The gospel artist maintained his international touch in all the songs, a factor which gave his music an identity. In Maria, he worked with South Africa’s renowned singer Vusi Nova, a collaboration which is a great success.

His homecoming show in the year attracted a mammoth crowd. It was one of the most sold out events hosted in the country in 2021.

Onesimus deserves a statue for treating his motherland to great music in 2021.

  1. Patience Namadingo

    Malawi Musician Namadingo
    Namadingo: Malawi music kingpin

The Zambia-based Malawian singer also had 2021 to remember. His fan base grew, his songs registered millions of views on YouTube and many more sweet stories.

Since switching base to the neighbouring Zambia, he has worked with a number of top artists from that country. Some of the artists are Petersen of the Fendela Fenduzi fame, and General Kanene.

He also worked with his countryman Tay Grin on Lalala. However, Namading’s success in 2021 was not solely based on collaborations as he also had successful solo projects.

In the year, he released Sakaka, one of the 2021 Malawian hits. The artistic product is also performing wonders on YouTube having managed to amass thousands of views on the platform.

The singer also made popular the legendary Giddess Chalamanda’s Linny on TickTock. The mash up version of the song had over 70 million views on TickTock. On YouTube, it is the most viewed Malawian song with over 6 million views.

Another 2021 highlight for Patience is when his show sold out in Zambia. Late November, the Mapulani hit maker filled up the Lusaka Show Grounds in his maiden concert. He stepped up on the stage waving Malawi’s flag in front of thousands of patrons, much to the delight of his countrymen.

To cut the long story short, 2021 was a great year for Patience Namadingo. He has defended his crown quite well.