Church to pray for end of COVID and dry spell during cross over night


As the year winds up, Yanobe International church has organized a night of cross over prayers where congregants will be in the house of the Lord praying as they will be crossing into another Year, 2022.

Among others, the church will spare time to pray for the end of various challenges facing the country including dry spell and COVID19 outbreak.

The service will take place on Friday, 31st December at Crossroads Hotel in Sapitwa hall from 6 o’clock in the evening till morning of the following day.

Speaking during a press briefing on Thursday in Lilongwe, Founder and President of the church Apostle Vincent Chibowa said people should expect total transformation during the night of crossing over and all preparations are done.

“You are all invited, to experience great miracles and wonders in your life, family, jobs, business and future,” he said.

According to Chibowa, it is important to spend time in the house of the Lord in the night of Crossing over than spending it elsewhere.

“Before we crossover into 2022 it is important for every believer to spend time in the presence of God just to thank him for his mighty works throughout the year 2021.

“Before entering 2022 we need to hear the word which God is saying about the year, Lord Jesus Christ take you into 2022 with his anointing, prosperity and good health,” he said.

However, he also encouraged Malawians to adhere to Covid-19 preventive measures including vaccination saying getting vaccinated is not a sin.

Yanobe International Church started its operations in 2014 with only eight members and within few years the church has grown with branches in the Republic of South Africa and Malawi.